Alchemy [al-kuh-mee] The process of transmuting a common substance into something of great value.

The Cannabis industry is booming. Competition is intense and it is vital that your company and reputation stand on a strong foundation. Company culture is the uniqueness of your workforce that creates the longevity and legacy of your business.

Confident employees make fewer mistakes. Well trained employees will save you time and money.

The Office Alchemist custom designs employee training and development programs that will keep your employees engaged and on the leading edge.


Are your employees making costly mistakes in an unforgiving industry?


Are unmotivated employees affecting the productivity of your company?


Do you sense a disconnect with the younger employees?

Employees need the right guidance and career development to elevate their skills. HR departments are pre-occupied with payroll, compliance, and paperwork and don’t have the time to inspire employees and keep them engaged.

When people feel their employer cares, they will go above and beyond to help the business succeed. The Office Alchemist offers a result-oriented and forward-thinking approach to training, developing, and caring for employees, and it’s all done with heart, smarts, and technology.

Operating a company in the Cannabis industry is expensive and you lose money when your employees make mistakes. Custom-designed training and development programs will transform your staff into efficient and loyal professionals — while saving you valuable time and money.

“A company succeeds or fails based on the performance of the people who work there”

Talent management is a scope of HR used to develop and retain high-performing employees. I design employee training and development programs specific to your business and company culture.

Fast-paced work environments increase stress, burnout, and opportunities for miscommunication. My innovative services will care for your employees’ well-being and keep them resilient during changing times.

Managers are responsible for making sure your company runs smoothly. It’s important to ensure they have the skills and support to keep your employees productive and working together. My Training and coaching combos are an inexpensive and effective way to transform your managers into the professionals you need them to be.


Training program: OSHA standards, Cannabis compliance, and Equal Employment Opportunity laws are regulations that can deeply impact your business. Using the modern technique of micro-learning I design continuous training programs that keep your employees engaged and accountable.


Individual Employee Growth Plan: Individualized EGP’s address employees’ weak areas, spotlight their strengths and guide them toward their true potential.


Metrics: Tracking employee engagement is valuable to both the employee and
your business. Quarterly growth reports will give you valuable behind-the-scenes information to keep your employees on the leading edge.

Employee Life Coaching: I guide employees to work through conflict, manage stress and learn new skills that will benefit them at work and at home.


Incentives and Morale: Whether it’s harvest, holidays, or back to school season, I help you plan ahead to support employees during hectic times to keep morale high and burn out low.


Mediation: A company is like a family and most families are a bit dysfunctional.
I mediate tough issues and keep the workplace culture fair, healthy, and cohesive.

$200 per manager for a 5-week program.

1-hour personalized training session.

Four weekly coaching sessions for guidance in applying new skills in the workplace.

Weekly mini-lessons to keep them engaged and learning new skills.

Ongoing support as they learn and refine their new skills.

Manager Training & Coaching Combos 

$200 per person

An inexpensive and effective way to transform 

managers into the professionals you need them to be.

This combo teaches skills that will shift managers from being a “promoted employee” to a confident leader. They will learn their strengths and weaknesses and how to motivate employees.

Managers resist holding employees accountable because they're uncomfortable doing it. This training teaches managers how to be confident and compassionate while holding employees accountable.

There are times when employees don't mesh, but if it goes unaddressed it can affect productivity. This training teaches managers to look at conflict as an opportunity and how to address it before it negatively affects the employee team.

Equal employment opportunity laws can be hard to understand and easily ignored until your business faces a law suit. This training will teach your managers about EEO laws, how they work, and how to effectively uphold them in the workplace without feeling like a police officer.

Employees thrive when they are working toward career goals. This combo teaches managers how to co-create and maintain Employee Growth Plans to improve productivity, engagement, and support for their team.

Employees require continuous coaching and support. This combo teaches managers how to use practical coaching techniques to teach and support employees.

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Custom Trainings available for additional $100 design fee  
Do you want less stress, more money and a happier workplace?
Let’s chat about how we can transform your employees into top talent.
I support cannabis businesses coast to coast and beyond.

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Gold Stars

5 Star Rating

Becky, I have so much gratitude for our training and coaching sessions. The tools, training, insight, and perspective you shared will continue to be fine tuned and implemented for many years to come and are greatly appreciated!


Talking Trees Farms


5 Star Rating

My experience with Becky was amazing. The way she thinks and the way she helped me see the problem in a different way was exactly what I needed. Becky is an awesome person and I highly recommend her.


Mattland Farms


5 Star Rating

Becky was an excellent educator for our mid-level manager training sessions and the feedback from participants is that she’s a rockstar!




Papa and Barkley


5 Star Rating

Becky has sincere delivery of her words, a playful attitude, and an optimistic yet realistic outlook on any issue shared. She is personable and can relate to a diverse crowd. I
would recommend her to any business that wants their employees to thrive.





5 Star Rating

Becky taught me how to see conflict as a puzzle and it helped a ton with my anxiety. She really cared about me and didn’t just train me but listened and supported my specific strengths and weaknesses. I feel much more confident as a manager and excited to become an inspiring leader.



Good Days Concentrates


5 Star Rating

Becky Deans is the bomb! She had everyone trained on the employee handbook with her special method. Our inspectors were so impressed that we had all of this! Thank you Becky!



Paradigm Cannabis

Me in black

Hi, I’m Rebecca.

The Office Alchemist.

I have 10 years of history and experience working in the Cannabis industry and want to do my part to keep the industry kind, respected, and prosperous for all.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Interpersonal Communications and Journalism, Certification in Human Resource Management, and over ten years of experience as a Certified Life Coach.

My life time of experience and education gives me the wisdom and skills to design and implement creative and effective training and development programs that will keep your employees engaged and innovative.

My ability to coach others on communication between co-workers, mid-level and top-level management keep the workplace balanced, productive and innovative.

I teach insight to employees to help them discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses and weave the two into a winning whole. I guide employees to tap into mindfulness and practice stress reduction to help them calm their minds and work toward work-life balance.

When your employees thrive, your business thrives!

My Ebook is now available