You’re a small business and want competent, reliable, and productive employees to make your business thrive.

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Talent management is a business strategy designed to train, develop, motivate and retain talented employees.

Employee relations is the emotional, physical and practical relationship between employers, employees and co-workers.

The Office Alchemist is an outsourced, talent management and employee relations virtuoso who will transform your staff into well trained, efficient and loyal professionals — while saving you valuable time and money.

I am a human resource professional with a forward thinking approach to training, developing and caring for your employees. And I do it all with heart, smarts, and technology.
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Evolution in the workplace.

You know the millennial generation is flooding the workforce and rapidly changing the old office paradigm. This unique generation of individuals require a different style of workplace dynamics that often create misunderstanding, irritation and stereotyping with the older generations.

Compliance with equal employment opportunity laws (EEO) and the evolving concerns regarding medicinal marijuana, mental health, and gender neutrality in the workplace are imperative to a small business. Knowing how to address these sensitive issues in the appropriate way is important and can directly affect your business.

You don’t have the time or skills to take care of your employees in the way that keeps them inspired, accountable and productive. But I do.

  • My experience with Becky was amazing. The way she thinks and the way she helped me see the problem in a different way was exactly what I needed! Becky is an awesome person and I highly recommend her.
    Ryan Munz