Transforming Employees into Top Talent

You’re a small business and want competent, reliable, and productive employees to make your business thrive.

Your employees want to be trained, appreciated, and develop their careers at a company they respect and trust.

HR departments are pre-occupied with payroll, compliance, and paperwork and don’t have the time to train, develop and guide employees in way that keeps them engaged and inspired.

The Office Alchemist is a human resource professional with a forward-thinking approach to training, developing, and caring for your employees. And I do it all with heart, smarts, and technology.
Becky was an excellent educator for our mid-level manager training sessions and the feedback from participants is that she’s a rockstar!  
Michael Kraft – Papa and Barkley
Talent management is a business strategy designed to train, develop, motivate, and retain talented employees.
Employee relations are the emotional, physical, and practical relationships between employers, employees, and co-workers.
The Office Alchemist is an outsourced, talent management, and employee relations virtuoso who will transform your staff into well trained, efficient, and loyal professionals — while saving you valuable time and money.
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