The massive loss of jobs during the 2007-2009 recession has given employees the impression that they are seen as human capital more so than human beings. People want to work for companies they can trust and who will invest in them with training and innovation. They want to grow their skills and become better at what they do, not just get the job done. They want to feel good about what they do and how well they do it. Training, coaching and career development are big attractions for talented individuals.

Employees are more productive when they are properly trained, agree with the company vision and culture, have a plan to develop their career, and know they will be held accountable. When your employees thrive, your business thrives. 

Businesses are constantly competing for customers, and nowadays, due to millennial employees not staying at jobs long, companies are competing for top talent. Why look outside of the workplace for top talent when your existing employees could be the talent you are looking for?

Talent management is a valuable aspect for your business, and the Office Alchemist can do it for you. Employee life coaching sessions guide your employees to problem solve, communicate effectively, create a plan of action to make changes and learn skills to help them reduce stress, so they don’t take it home to their families. The employee life coaching allows me to learn more about what inspires the employee and what their interests are. I give information and assignments that will educate and develop their talents, making them more valuable to your business.

When your business environment is balanced, well organized, and efficient, not only do your employees’ benefit but your company becomes more profitable.


Hi, I’m Becky. The Office Alchemist. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in interpersonal communications and journalism, certification in Human Resource Management and 10 years experience as a certified life coach.

As corporations grow larger and move into smaller communities, small businesses that don’t have a strong foundation, accountability, training and succession planning will struggle to survive. My goal is to help the small businesses of Humboldt County to thrive financially and consciously while creating a workplace that helps employees thrive too.

My certification and experience in human resources will keep your business compliant with California employment laws, OSHA standards, other governing bodies, and the policies and procedures of your business.

My degree and experience in Interpersonal communication amplifies my ability to coach others on communicating effectively and building and maintaining relationships between co-workers, superiors and subordinates.

My certification and 10 years experience as a life coach allows me to see each person’s strengths and weaknesses and weave the two into a winning whole.

I am the Office Alchemist, an outsourced, talent management and employee relations virtuoso who will transform your staff into well trained, efficient and loyal professionals — saving you valuable time and money..

  • Becky has sincere delivery of her words, a playful attitude, and an optimistic yet realistic outlook on any issue shared. She is personable and can relate to a diverse crowd. I would recommend her to any business that wants their employees to thrive.
    Michelle Cooper

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