I'm On a Mission

To Bring "HUMAN" Back Into Human Resources

Newer generations in the workplace require coaching, feedback, inclusion, and career development. They want to be trained well and given the tools to do their best. But it’s not just the newer generations who benefit from those requirements, all employees do – and the company makes more money!   

Mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and chronic pain are common concerns for employees and can’t be “left at the door,” when they come to work. Fast-paced, unorganized, or uncomfortable workplace environments affect a person’s physical and mental health, and they take that stress home to their families. Fostering a healthy company culture is necessary for the wellbeing of the employees and the business. 

Small companies don’t have HR departments to take care of their employees, and the business and the employees suffer. Sure, there are apps and software you can buy to monitor what your employees think – but do they really? Anyone with a smartphone or fit bit knows how to trick their device to gain the results they want. 

Your employees deserve a human being with the right skills who can give them the focus and attention they deserve.

My experience with Becky was amazing.  The way she thinks and the way she helped me see the problem in a different way was exactly what I needed. Becky is an awesome person and I highly recommend her.

Ryan – Mattland Farms

The Alchemist

Hi, I’m Becky. The Office Alchemist. My goal is to help the small businesses of Humboldt County to thrive financially and consciously while creating a workplace that helps employees thrive too.  

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Interpersonal Communications and Journalism, Certification in Human Resource Management, and over ten years of experience as a Certified Life Coach. 

My certification and experience in human resources help me train and develop your managers to keep your business compliant with California employment laws, OSHA standards, other governing bodies, and the policies and procedures of your business. 

My degree and experience in Interpersonal communication amplify my ability to coach others on communicating effectively and building and maintaining relationships between co-workers, mid-level, and top-level management.

My certification and ten years of experience as a life coach allow me to see each person’s strengths and weaknesses and weave the two into a winning whole. I have additional experience and training in meditation, mindfulness, and holistic stress remedies to help people calm their minds and organize their thoughts. 

I am the Office Alchemist, an outsourced, talent management, and employee relations professional who will transform your employees into well trained, efficient, and loyal professionals — saving you valuable time and money.

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