Humboldt County residents are gold covered in 40 + years of prohibition.

The residents of Humboldt County have always had the freedom to work in the cannabis industry and now have to punch time cards, follow dress codes and adhere to EEO and OSHA standards, and all for a much lower wage than they ever imagined back in the glory days. Some people are even showing signs of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the 40+ years of the drug war they have experienced.

My uniquely designed talent management system is designed with employee-life coaching to help employees navigate their way into abiding by rules and regulations and the constant change and vulnerability of not knowing the future of the cannabis industry for small farmers, business owners and employees.

My method of micro-learning is designed for the millennial generation and all people experiencing short attention spans from the use of technology and the constantly changing world that keeps our minds racing. My training and development of your staff will not only benefit them but will make them more productive, disciplined and consistent.

Human Resources REIMAGINED for the Cannabis industry

Much like cannabis, human resources has received a bad reputation. HR was originally created to support employees but has become a stigma for authority, rules, judgment, and mistrust. I am taking the opportunity of the budding cannabis industry to bring the “human” back into human resources by focusing on employee relations and talent management.

Constant changes in compliance, federal, state and county laws and regulations, equal employment opportunity laws (EEO), and inter-office politics require a great deal of time for a growing company. Knowing how to address these sensitive issues in the appropriate way is important and can directly affect your business.

Whether your business is in manufacturing, distribution, dispensary or beyond, you have employees who need guidance, discipline, direction and motivation. You have fought hard to make your way into the permitted cannabis industry - now let me help take you and your staff to the next level.

Are you ready to try my modern approach to training, developing and caring for your employees?
  • I am the Office Alchemist, an outsourced, part-time, human resource and talent management system that will transform your staff into well trained, efficient and loyal professionals — while saving you valuable time and money.

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