Human Resources REIMAGINED for the Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is booming, with everyone and their brother creating a brand and putting their product on the market. Competition is intense, and it is vital that your company and reputation stand on a strong foundation.  

Cannabis is now a career path with endless possibilities and growth opportunities. Many employees stepping through the white door from the traditional market have a wealth of knowledge but are not savvy to the corporate environment of the legal industry. They tend to be resistant to rules, laws, and are suspicious of the system. They require guidance, education, and discipline from a person they trust and respect.

Having a consistent training and development program is an investment in your employees that will make them proud to work for you. It will keep them engaged and generate consistency, accountability, and creativity that will keep your company on the leading edge.

Becky Deans is the bomb! She had everyone trained on the employee handbook with her special method. Our inspectors were so impressed that we had all of this! Thank you Becky!

Karyn Wagner – Paradigm Cannabis

Operating a company in the Cannabis industry costs a lot of money. Every time an employee makes a mistake, you pay for it. You pay again to have the mistake fixed, and again to have someone check to make sure it was done right the second time. Keeping your employees trained, engaged, and accountable must be a priority, but it doesn’t have to feel like a prison full of laws and rules. My innovative methods of training and employee development keep employees engaged, inspired, learning, and succeeding. When your employees thrive, your business thrives.

Whether your business is in cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, a dispensary, or beyond, you have employees who need guidance, discipline, direction, and motivation. Check out my service page to learn more about what I do.  

You have fought hard to make your way into the permitted cannabis industry – now let me help take you and your staff to the next level.

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