Manager's Training & Coaching Combos

$200 Per Manager

Managers are responsible for everything from training, discipline, and compliance to resolving conflict, motivating employees, and making sure your company runs smoothly. It’s important to ensure that they have the skills, resources, and support to keep your employees productive, engaged, and working together.

Group training costs time and money, and most participants only retain 70% of the information. My method of micro-learning delivers 1-hour of focused content to the individual manager on-site at your company. My undivided attention keeps the manager engaged, asking questions, processing what they learn, and understanding 100% of the information.

My Training and Coaching Combos begin with a 1-hour training session followed by four weekly coaching sessions. This combination solidifies the information for your manager, making sure their new skills become lasting habits. I’ll be by their side while they refine their skills, process their failures, and celebrate their successes.


• 1-hour on-site personalized training session

• Four weekly coaching sessions for guidance in applying new skills in the workplace.

• Weekly mini-lessons to keep them engaged and learning new skills.

• Ongoing support as they learn and refine the new skills.

Becky, I have so much gratitude for our training and coaching sessions. The tools, training, insight, and perspective you shared will continue to be fine tuned and implemented for many years to come and are greatly appreciated!

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Cultivating Leadership

This combo is just what new managers need. It teaches skills that’ll help them shift from being a “promoted employee” to a confident leader. 

They will learn their strengths and weaknesses, how to motivate employees, and what it means to be a leader. 

Four weeks of coaching will give them support, let them ask questions, and process their experience while they build confidence to use their new skills. 

Employee Discipline Remastered

Getting Comfortable with Conflict

This combo will teach managers how to maintain tact, patience, and professionalism in stressful encounters. 

They’ll learn to look at every conflict as an opportunity and how to stay calm and assertive while having difficult conversations. 

Four weeks of coaching will support managers as they change how they view and handle conflict and use their new skills to enhance work relationships and improve their teams. 

EEO Laws made easy

Inspiring Employee Development

Keys to Effective Coaching

This training teaches managers the basics of coaching employees effectively to promote confidence and accountability. 

They’ll learn how to teach, support, and guide new employees using a practical coaching dynamic, all while becoming better leaders. 

4 weeks of coaching offers support and personal experience as the manager practices their new coaching skills on their employee team.

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