Transforming Employees Into Top Talent

Alchemy [al-kuh-mee] The process of transmuting a common substance into something of great value.

Talent management is a scope of HR used to attract, develop, motivate, and retain high-performing employees. My innovative services will keep your employees trained, inspired, accountable, and productive while generating a company culture of harmony, trust, and inspiration.

Having an individually designed talent management strategy for your business will increase the value of your employee’s performance and your company as a whole.

Training program: Designing a training program using the modern technique of micro-learning saves time and money and keeps your employees engaged, learning, and accountable. 

Individual Employee Development Plan: Employees love having an EDP that addresses their weak areas, spotlights their interests, includes a plan of action, and a timeline to lead the way.

Quarterly Growth Reports: Seeing a visual diagram of progress and knowing the specific areas that need attention is valuable to both the employee and the business.

Incentives and Morale:  Whether it’s the holidays, a deadline, high season or back to school season, planning ahead for ways to support employees during those times will help keep morale high and burn out low.  

Employee Life Coaching: Supporting employees as they work to achieve specific goals is a valued service for many employees and an attraction for recruiting top talent.

Employee Relations: Conflict is natural and inevitable. Having a trained and dedicated person to address employee conflicts will keep the workplace culture healthy, safe, and cohesive. 

In the era of technology and digital intelligence, there is an increased need for human connection, caring, and emotional intelligence. I work closely with all employees to inspire understanding, performance, communication, and stress management. I know that when your employees thrive, your business thrives.

Becky has sincere delivery of her words, a playful attitude, and an optimistic yet realistic outlook on any issue shared. She is personable and can relate to a diverse crowd. I would recommend her to any business that wants their employees to thrive.​

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DIY Package

The DIY package is for the owner who is highly motivated to do things on their own and just need the information and support to make it happen.

This three-month program includes training and coaching to help you design and implement a continuous training program, employee development plans, metrics for growth reports, and morale and incentive programs into your company.

Jump Start Package

A company that wants to implement training, employee development, and metrics into their business but doesn’t have the time to do it will benefit from the Jump Start package.

This six-month contract brings the Office Alchemist into the workplace to design and implement a talent management strategy and train specific staff to keep things going after the contract ends.

Full-Service Package

Employee Life Coaching


Every business owner knows that having employees generates challenges in the workplace. 

Training, accountability, mediating conflicts, and upholding EEO laws are things you plan to do but never get around to because it takes up a large amount of your time. My innovative consulting services will give you back your time and your peace of mind.

Manager training

Training, discipline, compliance, conflict resolution, and effective communication are important responsibilities for any manager.

I offer micro-training and coaching programs designed to teach your managers what they need to know. Check out the manager training page for details.

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