alchemy [al-kuh-mee] The process of transmuting a common substance into something of great value.

Talent management is the full scope of HR processes used to attract, develop, motivate and retain high-performing employees. Your authentic company culture and intrinsic internal practices will give your business a competitive advantage causing you to stand out from your competitors.

My uniquely designed strategy will keep your employees trained, inspired, accountable, and productive.

If your not ready for my monthly business services but have managers you want to be trained, check out my Manager training and coaching duo.

A company succeeds or fails based on the performance of the people who work there.

Monthly Business Services

$700 - $3000

Depending upon number of employees
My prices are low because I am an outsourced service with little overhead. I cost roughly the same as one part-time staff member and will become your HR and talent manager, with an office off-site and a strong connection with you and your employees.

Using technology, I am literally in your (and your employees) back pocket supporting your business to have less stress, more money, and a happier workplace. At times I will be on-site and working closely with employees, other times I will be connected via phone, video call, email or text.

My innovative services create accountability throughout your business, generating a harmony of trust and inspiration. I coach employees to develop their skills and potential, so your company's production is more consistent and valuable.

My services are sure to increase the value of your employee's performance and your company as a whole.

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I keep a pulse on the interoffice politics and help to dissolve disruptions & re-channel it into productivity.


$150 per manager

Conflict resolution, effective communication, compliance with employment laws, training and discipline, are important responsibilities that come with being a manager. Yet, many managers are not trained in these areas.

My manager training and coaching duo are an inexpensive yet valuable way to transform your managers into respected leaders. Each duo is 1 month long and can be bought month to month or as a discounted package.

Training and Coaching Duo

• 1-hour training session about the chosen topic.
• Coaching to process and anchor in the information.
• A plan of action to use the skills.
• Weekly guidance and skill strengthening.
• Support with using the new skills in the workplace.

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Why look outside of the workplace for top talent when your existing employees could be the talent you are looking for?

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